Grave collection at YWFT

Designed by Intellecta Design, the “Grave” collection is a classic design remastered, distressed and antique, to uses in display purposes for a stylized type design. Contains six fonts: Grave Plus, Grave Plus Complete, Grave Plus Complete Three, Grave Plus Complete Two, Grave Plus Three, Grave Plus Two – very ornamental pieces. See the collection at YWFT.


Herr Foch at YWFT

Designed by Intellecta Design, HerrFoch is a classic font design remastered. Distressed and antique, use this font in display purposes for a stylized type design. See the entire FONT at YWFT.

Surrey at YWFT

Designed by Intellecta Design, Surrey is a collection of seven different decorative fonts, all uppercase letter designs. Great display face for headers and antique-like projects. The styles are Surrey, Surrey 2, Surrey 2 Lined, Surrey 3, Surrey Black, Surrey Black Shadow and Surrey Shadow. See the entire collection at YWFT

Decadence avec Elegance at YWFT

Designed by Intellecta Design,  Decadence Avec Elegance has a mix and mash of various different decorative letter designs. Very diverse and great for header designs, in two fonts. See the entire sets at YWFT.