… tem um pessoal aí, muito legal, muito competente, na Alemanha, a turma da revista Slanted, de design, mas principalmente de tipografia, onde nós jpá tivemos inclusive, material publicado. e acabou de sair mais um número, o 10, voltado para os amantes do Heavy Metal, ou seja, das blackletters, como segue…


In “Heavy Metal. Lovers.” we look into blackletter fonts and their modern applications. Slanted presents the innovative work of Invisible Creature (Seattle), historic type-treasures from the archives of Linotype (Bad Homburg) and Klingspor  Museum (Offenbach), the photo documentation “True Norwegian Black Metal” from Peter Beste (New York) etc. … The sections “Fontlabels, Fonts & Families,” “Fontnames Illustrated” and “Typolyrics” introduce contemporary  blackletter fonts and designers from all over the world (e.g. Aeronaut/Georg Herold-Wildfellner, SAR-Lupe/David Millhouse, Adso/Bruno Bernard), followed by interviews with Alejandro Paul, Bernard Stein, Alex Trochut and  Christophe Szpajdel and an interesting type essay by Horst Wöhrle. Furthermore Slanted Magazine introduces numerous (blackletter-)projects of professionals and students (Jeremy Hall,

schmitz & wiesner, s=eee etc.). The chapter introduction pages are decorated with Hubert Jocham’s headline-font “NeoThorn S10,” exclusively created for this issue in two styles. Our readers can get the beta-version of this brand new typeface for free.  Furthermore Hubert Jocham created the text typeface “NeoText S10” which will be available at type foundry Volcano Type ( This issue completes our 4-part-poster-series and forms now the 4-word-sentence ”Porn 4 Type Lovers.” If you want to buy the issue via Paypal you get a free access to Slanted portfolio area. There you can present your fresh (typographic) projects or new fonts.


Slanted Magazine #10

Heavy Metal. Lovers.

Spring 2010

164 pages


Frequency: 4 p.a. (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

Print: E&B Engelhardt and Bauer, Karlsruhe, Germany

Print run: 10.000

Distribution: Directly at, Amazon, selected stores worldwide



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