esta é “PW Tipographical Classification”

1AntiqueBased on typefaces and handlettering of the past.
RomanRoughCelticRunesElvishCarolingeanGothicLombardic ScriptMediaevalBlackletterChancelarescaVenetian / GaraldeOld Style SerifModernArt NouveauJugendstilArt DecoInitialsOrnaments

2Sans SerifSquare SansGeometric SansHumanistic Sans
3Slab Serif/EgyptianClarendon SerifTypewriter
4ScriptCopperplateFormal Script, Derived from 18th-century formal writing styles; many letters have “”joining”” strokes, BrushCasual and Casual ScriptHandwritten, Letters have the appearance of handwriting, Graffiti
5Decorative & DisplayArt DecoArt NouveauCapitalsInitials, Letters used primarily as decorative beginnings for paragraphs or document sections, Swash, Techno InlineOutline,StencilWide, Characters are extended or wide, WoodcutTypewriter

6Venetian / Garalde
7ModernNeoclassical & Didone Serif, Bodoni’s
8Engraved/ChiseledHand-tooledLetterforms appear to be chiseled, carved through the introduction of a negative highlight on the left edge of each character,
AnimalsAncientEsotericFantasticHorrorGamesShapes NatureSportKidsLogosArmyHolidayValentineEasterHalloweenChristmasOrnamentsWoodcuts
16FancyCartoonComicCurlyWesternErodedDistortedHorror ArmyRetroGridForeign look LCDSci-fiFunnyGrungeContains letters with a weathered, worn, or grungy appearance, Graffiti


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